NOTICE: Webster Pond Alert - Geese Missing

In the past months eight of our special geese went missing (Larry, Lucy, Clarence, Camille, Daisy, Spot, Bella, and Super Girl). Last Spring we lost eleven others, in addition to our swan, Grace. At that time, there was a coyote sighting. We would appreciate any volunteers to help keep our remaining birds safe.

We work with both public and private citizens to care for the parks and green spaces in Syracuse.

Park of the Month: Onondaga Park
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A group of Park lovers and dedicated runners recently gathered on Little Roundtop in Upper Onondaga Park for the dedication of a Mountain Goat sculpture by nationally known local sculptor Sharon BuMann. The sculpture was sponsored and funded by the Mountain Goat Foundation to commemorate the annual Mountain Goat Race here in Syracuse which will have its 39th annual run on Sunday, 5/7/17. The “goat” as it is affectionately known by some, attracts top runners from all around the world.

The monument will be a permanent fixture on the annual Mountain Goat Run route. Onondaga Park may have the best views of the City of Syracuse and is one of the many great parks that grace Syracuse. Onondaga Park and the Strathmore neighborhood are a great place to jog and this new statue should be an attraction for runners from all over Central New York.

Hall of Fame inductees: Kevin Collins, Michelle LaFleur, Jerry Lawson, Charlene Lyford, William Nurk, Strathmore Neighbor Walt Price (Strathmore Dr) and Mountain Goat Founder, and Mary Beth Roach.

YMCA Director Walt Price created an official race in 1979 called the “Fun to Run Classic,” which started in Columbus Circle. A demanding 10 mile course was created that tested runners and provided a true sense of accomplishment for all those who finished.

The initial Mountain Goat featured a 3000 meter race and the 10-mile Mountain Goat. Jeff Wells, winner of the 1977 Honolulu Marathon, was the first winner of the Mountain Goat in 50 minutes and 12 seconds.

Over the years, may top ranked national runners have tackled the Mountain Goat. Joan Benoit, Benji Durden, Jeff Galloway, Jerry Lawson, Michelle LaFleur, Tom Carter, Kevin Collins and Deb Springer are all past winners of the Mountain Goat.

Multiple Mountain Goat Champions include: Salome Kosgei (2), Patti Ford (2), Patty Wiegand (2), Marian Teitsch (2), Mary Seybold (2), Deb Springer (2), Brian Clark (2), Larry Woods (2), Max King (2), Michelle LaFluer (3), Kevin Collins (4), course record-holder Maegan Krifchin (4), and the King of the Mountain Goat, course record-holder Jerry Lawson (7).

Yoga for the Parks

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out for Yoga in the Parks on April 9th. We had a great turn out, and raised over $1,000 for the Syracuse Park’s Conservancy!

Shout out to for a leading the class, for their support, and lululemon for all their help! We could not have done it without the generosity of Hotel Syracuse!

A BIG THANK YOU TO Heather, our yoga instructor, and to the Marriott for use of the Persian Ballroom. Look for more Yoga for the Parks events coming this Summer.

Please follow the Syracuse Parks Conservancy on Facebook to learn about Yoga for the Parks and future events. If you cannot make it to Yoga for the Parks, but would like to make a tax deductible donation, you can do so below.

Gift to Syracuse Parks

Syracuse Parks Conservancy worked with Centro on a gift of a bus to the Syracuse Parks Department.

Thank you Centro

Welcome to the Syracuse Parks Conservancy website. We thank you for stopping by. The Syracuse Parks Conservancy is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are made up of a group of volunteers some of whom also serve as Trustees. We work with both public and private citizens to care for the parks and green spaces in Syracuse. Please take some time to get to know us and we hope, get involved. Neither government officials nor private citizens alone can properly care for our parks but working together, we can. Please get involved. Help make Syracuse a greener, healthier and better place to live!

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Our Mission

The mission of the Syracuse Parks Conservancy is to ensure that all Syracuse parks, public lands and the habitats therein are sustainably protected, restored, enhanced and developed for the educational, recreational and wellness uses of our citizens and their guests; we will accomplish this by directing and managing these lands and facilities in a public-private partnership with the City of Syracuse.

Our History

  • The idea for the Syracuse Parks Conservancy (SPC) began in 2008 when members from various T-N-T groups and Park Associations throughout the city began discussing the need for a citizen-based organization to coordinate activities in the parks, raise funds for needed projects/repairs/improvements, recruit volunteers for events and act as a liaison with city government.
  • Throughout 2008-09, concerned citizens continued to meet both formally and informally to develop a “blueprint’ for the organization.
  • A committee was formed to draft a Constitution and begin formal dialogues with the City of Syracuse. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was drafted. Representatives and lawyers from the City and the SPC met to finalize details.
  • Members from the SPC and Pat Driscoll, Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Youth Programs, testified before the Common Council as to the need for this organization and how it would work with and support City government.
  • The City of Syracuse Common Council passed a resolution and then Mayor Matthew J. Driscoll signed the MOU creating a formal relationship between the City of Syracuse and the SPC.
  • In September 2009, the first Annual Meeting was held. A slate of Trustees presented by the Nominating Committee (Pat Driscoll, Chris Wiles and Mike Behnke) was put forth. Trustees and officers, all of whom have an interest in Syracuse’s parks as volunteers or professionals were elected.
  • As of 2017, trustees are: Mike Behnke, Neil Falcone, Sally Curran, David Harding, Kathleen Joy,  Joe Masella,  Leo Crandall, Kevin McClelland, Paul Pflanz, Carl Sharak, Kathleen Joy, Christopher Wiles, and Tim Rudd.
  • Ex-officio trustee is:  Lazarus Sims.
  • Officers are President Chris Wiles, Secretary Carl Sharak, Treasurer Sally Curran.
  • The Board of Trustees meets at least six times a year, and our Committees meet as needed.
  • Established Committees: Environment & Ecology, Planning, Design & Preservation, Events & Tourism, Finance & Administration, Fundraising & Development, Volunteers, Historical, and Nominating.

You Can Help Make a Difference

There are several great opportunities for you to help the Conservancy improve and expand Syracuse parks and green spaces. Become a financial sponsor or get involved hands on by becoming a volunteer.