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Neighborhood Greening Grants

Greening Grants applications are reviewed on a rolling basis while available funding permits. Be sure to obtain permission of property owner or Department of Parks (if applicable). Apply now.

Martin Sage Environmental Fund

The Syracuse Parks Conservancy Announces Martin Sage Environmental Grants are available to organizations with an educational purpose to increase awareness of the environment and of Syracuse parks or green spaces.

Martin Sage Environmental Grant Qualifiers. The grants are available to any organized group of adults who are supervising at least four children in an environmental project. Scout troop leaders or teachers who are seeking additional funds in support of activities such as bird feeding and watching, flower and vegetable gardening, hiking, or ecology are especially urged to apply. Grants typically range from $250 up to $500.

The proposal should be one to two pages. To facilitate the process the grant should be submitted as an attachment to an email to the SPC Education Committee at the following address: (If necessary, enter this email into your email program.)

Applications  will be reviewed on a rolling basis and confirmed by email

The application must include 1)    group leader’s name and email 2)   (if a school group)  principal’s name and email 3)    grade and number of students involved in the project 4)    description of the project, including what will be done, the location, and when it will be done 5)    if maintenance is required, who will be responsible for doing the maintenance once the project is completed 6)    a brief description of how the project will increase the awareness of the environment and of Syracuse Parks or green spaces 7)    a budget of expenditures needed for the project

The Syracuse Parks Conservancy Education Committee will choose those projects which are most sustainable, use the funds most effectively, and directly involve students as active participants.

   STEM and Elementary teachers are especially urged to apply.

LeMoyne Students

LeMoyne Dolphins

 Over 600 freshman students from Lemoyne collage joined hands with the Syracuse Park Conservancy to help clean up 5 city parks on August 25, it was the third year in a row that these wonderful students have helped the SPC to give the parks a much-needed cleaning. The parks that where cleaned were Sunnycrest Park, Rand Tract in the Valley, Onondaga Park, Homer Wheaton Park, and Kirk Park. We sincerely express our gratitude to the staff and students for the energy they bring to these cleanups; without them it would be difficult to maintain the parks,

Park associations that participated are Meacham Area Parks Association, the Sunnycrest Park Association, Kirk Park Association, and Onondaga Park Association. We thank them for their time and all their efforts to help make our city parks all they can be. The volunteers they bring to help truly shows the mettle they have and their dedication to help our city.

Tools were supplied by the SPC and the Department of Parks and Recreation. A big thank you to Steve Harris for all his help in helping in assisting us. We would also like to thank Barbara M. Karper, Assistant Vice President for Student Development. Working with Barbara over the last couple has been a real joy. The program that bring us together is called DIVE, Dolphins in Volunteer Efforts. It’s great to see some of the students that were here last year come back to see how the trees and bushes that they planted have grown. In all over 2500 hundred hours were put in this day to help our great City Parks. We look forward to working with this great school in the future.


Upstate Medical Students


On September 8, 2012 over 40 medical students came to Sunnycrest Park to do planting and cleaning, and worked close to 5 hours – bringing the total of hours close to 200 hours. The Sunnycrest Park Association and the Syracuse Parks Conservancy worked side by side with this great bunch of students, using tools supplied by the SPC.  

Our goal has always been to create partnerships with our schools of higher education and let the students see how rich we are in green space in our great City Parks. Helping the Park Associations with this support of Volunteers is critical to helping our parks look great and helping park associations with their mission to help our City Parks Department in maintaining these wonderful parks. We look forward to working with them next year and in years to come. Thank you to Alyson Weiner from Upstate for helping coordinate the event this year.


Lower Union Playground

Lower Union Park Playground

The Syracuse Parks Conservancy was happy to be the fiscal sponsor for this project; the SPC is here to assist and help groups write grants and request funding for specific projects. We would like to thank all the groups and individual people who came though with funding to help see this project get done, especially the Jim and Julie Boeheim Foundation, the Allyn Foundation, Gifford Foundation, Community Foundation, Trades unions, Kaboom!, and all the Northside groups who came together to see the kids have a new playground in their neighborhood. Dick Case’s column in the Post-Standard  helped raise funds too.

We would like to thank Glen Lewis from the Parks Department, and Commissioner Baye Muhammad for all their help. And we say thank you to Maureen Dore who was the driving force behind this project. We look forward to working on future projects with the Parks Department and making our Parks all they can be. And to all the public who gave of their time and money: “many thanks.”