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Below are descriptions of the various committees.


The purpose of the Volunteer Committee is to:

  • Recruit,
  • Orientate
  • Train
  • Oversee the activities of all volunteers.

This Committee shall work along with other Committees, the City of Syracuse and other agencies to assess the need for volunteers and then try to meet those goals.

Volunteers may be recruited for specific projects/events or for ongoing projects, maintenance or other activities that benefit the parks and community.

Members of other Park Associations may be deemed volunteers but will not be given that title automatically unless they request to become a Conservancy volunteer.

The Committee shall maintain to the best of their ability records on all volunteers, their involvement and when possible specific activities.

Planning Design & Preservation

The purpose of the Planning, Design & Preservation Committee is to monitor the condition of all built form in the park system (including visible elements such as buildings, shelters, walls, fences, paths and other walkways, furnishings, lighting, pools, rinks, fields, courts, signage, gateways, etc.) in terms of physical condition, the impacts of weather and vandalism, the ability to contribute to parks programming and the ability to contribute to neighborhood and district aesthetics.

The Committee should also develop an agenda to unearth or rediscover physical resources that have been buried or otherwise hidden – elements that might enhance the functional and aesthetic impact of the parks and also contribute to our understanding of our historic attitudes toward these urban landscapes. The Committee should make seasonal observations of each City park, using evaluation sheets that contain a checklist of issues and subjects that can be addressed in terms of “level of condition”, “comments” and “recommendations”.

Recommendations should include immediate action(s), middle and long-term action(s), actions to be handled by volunteers, actions(s) to be addressed by funded citizen efforts, and action(s) subject only to funded professional attention. Recommendations should then be shared with the entire membership of the Syracuse Parks Conservancy, after which the evaluation sheets should be shared with the Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation and Youth Programs and include ideas regarding sources of necessary project funding for the Conservancy and the City. The Committee should also work with the City in helping to determine which parks should be nominated for the National Register of Historic Places.

The Committee should make suggestions regarding the design and construction of new facilities (playgrounds, performance venues, etc.) in the parks and also work with the Environment & Ecology Committee to recommend ways to extend and connect (through greenways, boulevards, “park” streets, etc.) the City’s park landscapes.


The purpose of the Historical Committee is to document the rich history of our parks, the role they have played in the city and the many individuals who are part of this history.

The committee hopes to gather information from multiple sources; photos, old articles, stories told by individuals and family records.

This information shall be gathered and made available to the public.

Finance & Administration

The purpose of the Finance & Administration Committee is to oversee, manage and report on all incomes, expenses, purchases and other financial matters that are part of the overall operation of the Syracuse Parks Conservancy.

Fiscal management shall consist of keeping accurate and timely records of all financial transactions. These records may be reviewed by any Trustee.

The Committee shall assist the Board of Trustees in developing an annual operating budget and shall make recommendations as needed to ensure that the organization adheres to sound fiscal management policies.

This Committee shall be responsible for preparing or working with approved certified agents to prepare any needed audits, purchase proposals or financial reports. This Committee shall prepare a quarterly financial statement for the Board of Trustees.

In addition, a detailed year-end financial report shall be presented to the Board of Trustees.

This Committee shall secure needed insurance and advise the Board of Trustees on matters of liability and risk.

The Committee shall oversee the payment of any salaries and/or other financial remunerations to employees, individuals, or businesses with approval of the Board of Trustees.

Records of all transactions must be kept and safely filed for an approximately length of time.

In addition, this Committee shall handle all Human Resource matters as they relate to paid employees. Approved investments shall be handled by members of the Committee, the Treasurer and other legally certified agents (i.e., Bankers, Fund Managers, Accountants, etc.).

These certified agents must be first approved by a vote of the Board of Trustees. No member of the Committee can enter into a contract or financial arrangement with any outside party without approval from the Board of Trustees.

Fund Raising & Development

The purpose of the Fundraising & Development Committee is to raise needed operating capital, in-kind donations/gifts and material donations to support the operations of the Syracuse Parks Conservancy.

Fundraising activities may entail but are not limited to:

  • Direct appeals
  • Grants writing/management
  • Sales
  • Events
  • Planned giving
  • Endowments
  • Solicitations from private as well as corporate donors

This Committee may contract with legally certified agents to help raise capital, promote particular events and engage in other activities that will positively promote the Syracuse Parks Conservancy. These certified agents must be first approved by a vote of the Board of Trustees.

No member of the Committee can enter into a contract or financial arrangement with any outside party without approval from the Board of Trustees.

This Committee shall work along with other Committees and/or the City of Syracuse to develop plans and set financial goals that help to move forward the mission of the Syracuse Parks Conservancy project partnerships with the City of Syracuse.

External Affairs

The purpose of the External Affairs Committee is to work with the Board of Trustees and the City of Syracuse to promote and manage the city parks and the work of the Syracuse Parks Conservancy.

This Committee shall act as a liaison with governmental bodies and officials as well as the community.

Public Relations:  This Sub-Committee shall handle all public relations. These include but are not limited to; Press releases, newsletters, promoting events, public announcements, photo opportunities and timely additions to the Conservancy website. This Sub-Committee shall document all organizational activities as they relate to the public and/or governmental bodies and maintain either a digital and/or hard copy record of activities.

Marketing:  This Sub-Committee shall work with the overall Board of Trustees as well as various Committees to develop marketing plans and timetables to implement these plans. This Sub-Committee shall help the Board of Trustees develop overall strategies that will help promote the Syracuse Parks Conservancy and move forward our mission. They shall be responsible for developing brochures, posters and other marketing materials that raise public awareness about the Syracuse Parks Conservancy, help promote specific projects/events and more forward the mission.

Education:  This Sub-Committee shall work with the Board of Trustees, the City of Syracuse School District and/or any other individuals, businesses or organizations be they public or private to increase knowledge about our parks, teach approved curriculum and in general, promote awareness at all levels about our parks, nature, green technologies and environmental conservation.

Each Sub-Committee shall report to the larger External Affairs Committee. Members may serve on more than one Sub-Committee. Sub-Committees may appoint provisional Chairs for a project/event.

The Board of Trustees will be informed of all appointments and may remove a Chair person if they so decide. No member of the Committee can enter into a contract or arrangement with any outside party without approval from the Board of Trustees.